What makes a good life? The answer will obviously vary from person to person, and deciding which country has the best quality of life can be equally complex. The OECD has released their Better Life Index with this concept in mind. Rather than offering a top 10 ranking, as is often the case, the OECD has left it to the user to decide among the 34 countries analysed over a range of 11 topics. The index allows the user to prioritize diverse aspects of life, such as health, jobs and work-life balance to determine the ideal country to live in.

Pew Reasearch took to the task, awarding Norway and the United States top spots. The US scored high on financial wealth and household income, while France scored high for time off work. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scandanavian nations, in particular Norway and Iceland, scored high in overall rankings with strong showings in employment, job security and environmental factors.

The ability to have a larger home, combined with a high perception of health, made countries like the United States, Canada and Australia equally attractive.


Fuente: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2015/11/in-which-country-would-you-be-happiest/