WiNDHOEK-Two Namibian youths, Tikhala Itaye and Hilka Amadhila, are currently at the Pre-Youth Symposium On Barrier to Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) and HIV in Africa in Lusaka, Zambia.

The conference which started on Friday has the main objectives of solving issues of sexual reproductive health, acknowledge the rights of vulnerable populations, interrogating evidence and research on issues affecting youths in the Africa. The first day of the conference strengthened the advocacy for investment in young people in the post-2015 and for the political leaders to invest in young people and the challenges they are facing. On the second day it looked at youth-led strategies to promote safer sex and delay first sex and reduce number of partners, while on the third day they talked about the intersection of health, technology and innovation and how all can help reach young people through their phones and social networks.

Itaye, Vice-President of Afriyan Namibia, a youth organisation, posted on her Facebook Fan-page saying she was excited to attend the conference and always looked forward to it. More than 140 adolescents from more than 14 African countries are attending the symposium which ends tomorrow.  Afryan Namibia is an empowerment youth organisation  whose mission is to coordinate the Namibian youth networks and to give impetus for advocacy and  resource mobilisation to improve the youths lives’ quality.

Namibian youths in Zambia to learn about sexual and reproductive health

By Pinehas Nakaziko